Laser Treatments

One of the most requested treatments is laser hair reduction. Hair growth has three cycles so it is necessary to treat all cycles of growth to completely remove unwanted hair. Hair removal using the Erbium Laser requires 4-6 treatments over a 6-8 month period. Touch-ups may be required after a year or so. Hair removable is minimally uncomfortable.

Dubin Wellness Center offers a variety of services. In this episode of The Garrett Experience we show you what it’s really like to get laser hair removal.

*Results may vary based on the patient

With laser tattoo removal treatments, it is finally possible to remove your unwanted tattoo. The Medley uses dual wavelengths, including the 532 nm KTP and the 1064 nm Q-switched Nd: YAG, to target the full spectrum of tattoo ink colors, including reds, blacks, greens and blues. Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up underlying tattoo inks into tiny particles that the immune system can naturally remove from the body. More than one session will be needed to deliver the best results.